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Youngsville LOCATION
:195 Robbins Rd  (just past Rolesville)                                  

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 Michele M. Godlevski

* Founder:  Teamworks Dog Training & The Virtual Agility League
* Author:  The Sentry Dog & Take Control, Don't Lose Control
* Chief Author/Editor of Therapeutic Agility: Specialized Agility Instruction for Fearful, Reactive, and Distracted Dogs.

* CBCC-KA, (Certifed Behavior Counsultant Canine - Knowledge Assessed)
 * ACDBC, (Associate Certifed Dog Behavior Counsultant )
* CPDT-KA, (Certifed Professional Dog Trainer)
C.C. (Certified Counselor- SanFrancisco SPCA Academy)
* N.A.D.O.I. Endorsements in Agility Instruction & Pet Manners Instruction
TDAA Agility Judge

20 years Teaching Dog Training Classes
9 yrs Certified Canine Behavior Consultant
7 years of InBoard Training in my home
18 years in Dog Agility
10 Agility Championship Titles
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